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About Me

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

As a child, I would mute the television, turn on the radio, and flip through the channels and

stations to find anything that would sync up. It became an obsession of mine, and later in

life I learned I could make a career out of this visual and audio storytelling.


With over 15 years in directing, producing, filming, and editing , I’ve had the professional

experience of working with companies from Disney and Warner Brothers, Nike to Reebok,

digital companies like HP, AT&T, lifestyle brands such as PetSmart, Hanes, and Denny’s, and

artists including Smashing Pumpkins, LeAnn Rimes, Kid Rock and MGMT. My projects

include music videos, commercials, advertising spots, and event coverage for both

corporate and private functions. Multi-faceted as a director, cinematographer, editor, and

producer—I’m highly professional, passionate, and a self-starter.


In the personal scope of my life, I have had the opportunity to speak at Charity Events and

Fundraisers for Children’s Hospitals, telling my daughter’s miraculous story of survival and

success. Between speaking at events and bidding for jobs as a director, I am confident and

charismatic in front of an audience. An empathetic professional, I excel in making clients

and others feel comfortable in our engagement.


Thank you for taking the time to visit on the Information Superhighway.

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